Friday, September 30, 2011

Wilson, My first Tiny Light!

This is Wilson, as a newborn Wilson was diagnosed with HIRSCHSPUNGS DISEASE.
Hirschsprung's disease is a blockage of the large intestine due to improper muscle movement in the bowel. It is a congenital condition, which means it is present from birth. In Hirschsprung's disease, the nerves are missing from a part of the bowel. Areas without such nerves cannot push material through. This causes a blockage.  
As you can imagine, life is anything but ordinary for this Tiny Light. At 10 days old he had his first sugery, removing the damaged part of his bowel. Hirschsprungs comes the risks of entrocolitis, low weight gain and late potty training. Wilson was also recently diagnosed with a  motily disorder of the bowels. 
Wilson turned 4 last month, and like all 4 year old anxiously started school with his peers in September. He looks like ordinary little man, but his life has already been anything but ordinary. He is a Tiny Light!

 The Tiny Light FoundationPlease follow the attached link to learn more about The Tiny Light foundation and what we do for a family you know with a Tiny Light :D

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